About Us

Our Vision:

To have everyone eventually quit smoking and if that means vaping also then so be it!

For us at the very first objective is to have everyone give up the traditional cigarettes. To this day we still cannot trust any of the research, they are either skewed to help governments justify extortion tax on these products or to defend the lack of legislation in some countries in particular the third world, and get their population hooked on nicotine whilst the governments profit on this.

If it is not governments manipulating research and studies then it is the major tobacco companies funding propaganda research to justify those who are addicted to cigarettes.

Finally, we really hate, cigarettes, everything to do with it, the smell, the taste, the intoxicating gasses and chemicals.

We hope that as a stepping stone to completely giving up cigarettes, you will use vaping products to achieve this and over time stop using this as well.

I know what you are thinking; “But hold on you’re a business, how will you make any money if people stop smoking and vaping?” Well we would rather not make any money and instead be able to walk down the street freely without having to avoid the smoke from a smoker in front of us.