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  • Cornflake Tart by Dinner Lady E-Liquid 3x10ml


    Delicious deliciousness. Cornflake Tart is an e-liquid which will really leave you reeling. A fantastic mixture of Cornflake Tart with a punchy layer of sweet strawberry jam shining through the middle. A taste of the old school that you'll be vaping all day, every day. Prominent Flavours: Cornflake Tart, Strawberry Jam

  • Strawberry Custard by Dinner Lady E-Liquid 3x10ml


    Strawberry custard by Dinner Lady E-Liquid is unsurprisingly a strawberry custard flavoured juice. However, this is something different, and something very, very good. Sweet and creamy custard is mixed in expertly with natural strawberries and as an added kick, butter caramel is thrown into the mix, and it makes all the difference. This e liquid…

  • Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady E-Liquid 3x10ml


    A new vapers favourite! Reminiscent of those delicious school lunches, Rice Pudding is exactly that. A sweet and creamy bowl of rice puding mixed with some sweet and delectable raspberry jam. A very impressive e-liquid. Prominent Flavours: Rice Pudding, Raspberry Jam

  • Maple Waffle by Dinner Lady E-Liquid 3x10ml


    A dinner ladies favourite, Maple Waffle is unique and absolutely delicious. Fresh waffles are completely smothered in delicious maple syrup and that's all that needs to be said really. This is your guaranteed next all day vape! Prominent Flavours: Waffles, Syrup

  • Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady E-Liquid 3x10ml


    Words can not do this e-liquid justice in all honesty. There are a number of lemon based juices on the market but one whiff of this will let you know what you've been missing. A sharp lemon curd is paired with meringue and cradled by a delicate pastry crust, just try it! Prominent Flavours: Lemon…