Making The Switch – Choose The Right Liquid For You


Making The Switch - Choose The Right Liquid For You

For completely new vapers, this E-Liquid Help Tool will recommend the best juice for you based on how many cigarettes you used to smoked a day and your preferred flavour tastes.
Do you smoke cigarettes or roll-ups?
How many do you smoke per day?
This section will advise you on what Nicotine Strength you should vape, based on the daily amount you smoke.
When you smoke, do you like the hit you get at the back of your throat? That kind of tickle? Or would you prefer a very smooth throat hit?
Now what kind of flavours would you like to try, remember not to confuse tobacco with nicotine. There is nicotine in all liquids and tobacco is an actual flavour with nicotine!

This option is available to all customers that would like a Call-back to go through the options they have selected and for us to give in-depth & personalised recommendations to your tastes and requirements.

Please provide your Email Address for your recommendations to be displayed, as well as saved and emailed to you.
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