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  • Aspire Cleito Coils (5 Pack)


    The Cleito uses a revolutionary new coil design that frees up even more restriction in the airflow by eliminating the need for a static chimney within the tank itself. This results in an expanded flavor profile and increased vapor production. Combined with a claptonized kanthal coil for maximum flavor.

  • Generic CE5 Atomizers 1.6ML Tank

    From: £7.99

    CE5; A Variety Pack of Quality CE5 Atomozers (also known as clearomizers and Tanks).So the main difference between the CE4 and CE5 is that you can take a CE5 apart wash and clean as well as change the main core also known as the coil.A CE4 is more disposable rather than there for reuse.Some also…

  • Generic CE4 Atomizers 1.6ML Tank

    From: £5.99

    Packs of Quality CE4 Atomizers (also known as clearomizers and Tanks).These will be sent in random colours - so do not be offended if you receive a pink one!