Vape Coils

Vape Coils

Vape Coils (or atomisers, as they are also known) are a replaceable piece of most Vape Tanks and are vital to your vaping experience. Coils by brand are the heating elements inside vape tanks that convert the E-Liquid to vapour. Due to frequent usage, these coils burn out quickly and require replacements. Signs that your coil needs changing are as follows: the vapour production has reduced or the flavour of your vape juice has changed, or you get a burnt taste. It’s important that you select right vape coils.

Selecting the right Coils by brand:

Right type of Vape Coils and juice or coils by brand for the kit or tank you are using to ensure that you get the perfect vape for your setup.

There are MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) Coils used for producing small clouds and greater throat hit to replicate the feeling of a traditional cigarette, as well as Sub-Ohm (Direct-To-Lung) Coils for big clouds and increased flavour. We stock coils for over 100 different tanks, all of which can be purchased as individual Coils or in great value multi-packs.

Find the Perfect Vape Coils and juice:

Coils by brand are important for a good vape. They heat up the liquid to create a mist. Shisha Vibe has many types of coils for different vapes and likes. Our coils are high quality and give the best taste and vapor. You will find the right coils for your vape if you’re a beginner or experienced. Look at our collection today and start having a better vaping experience with Shisha Vibe.

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