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About Shisha Vibe

At Shisha Vibe, we’re more than just a vape shop; we’re a mission-driven business launched in 2013 with the goal of helping thousands transition away from traditional cigarettes. Our expertise has guided countless customers through our range of Disposable Vapes, diverse E-Liquids, Beginner Starter Kits, Advanced Vape Kits and Vape Tanks. Our shelves also feature premium CBD options for those seeking alternative wellness solutions.  Our commitment to this mission is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers, earning us the distinction of being the most highly-reviewed vape store in London, with over 2,500 five-star Google reviews—a testament to our service excellence and impact.


We take immense pride in having reached the milestone of selling over one million vape products, which stands as a clear indicator of our influential role in promoting a healthier lifestyle within our community. At Shisha Vibe, our mission transcends the mere sale of vapes. We are deeply committed to offering a lifestyle shift that champions well-being and provides our customers, as well as the local community, with a viable, healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. Our teams at London Bridge and Surrey Quays Shopping Centre are not just staff members; they’re advocates for a tobacco-free life, driven by the passion to see Shisha Vibe become your trusted ally in the pursuit of a cleaner, healthier future.


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5 Star Google Reviews

Shisha Vibe Vision & History

At Shisha Vibe, our ambition is far more than a mere business goal; it’s a clarion call for a future devoid of cigarette smoke. We envision a world where the very notion of smoking is relegated to the past, and vaping is embraced as a transitional path to a healthier, cleaner existence. This vision is not clouded by the controversies and confusion often found in tobacco research. We acknowledge the complexity of these studies, which can sometimes be skewed by financial interests or regulatory gaps. In certain regions, particularly in developing nations, research can be influenced by governmental or corporate entities that may have a vested interest in the continuation of smoking due to revenue from taxes or sales. At Shisha Vibe, we actively choose to challenge and rise above this narrative, advocating for clear, unbiased information that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health.


Since our inception in 2013, Shisha Vibe has stood at the forefront of offering cigarette and nicotine alternatives. It all started with a diverse range of Shisha products and e-cigarettes, responding to a market in need of change. As the landscape of smokers’ needs evolved, so did we, transforming into a solely vape-focused enterprise. Our founder, Gino, driven by a lifelong severe allergy to tobacco and cigarette smoke, was the catalyst for the creation of Shisha Vibe. His personal challenges laid the foundation for our dedicated mission to overturn the prevalence of cigarette smoking and its detrimental impact on public health.


Our Reputation & Impact

From our humble beginnings, Shisha Vibe has grown into a trusted pillar within the community, with two lively stores: our inaugural location in the historic area of London Bridge and our expansive outlet in the bustling Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. Each store, staffed by our exceptional team, whose expertise is born from personal victory over smoking. They are not just skilled vapers but former smokers, enabling them to offer a depth of insight and genuine empathy that resonates with our customers. We aim to purge the air of the harms of cigarette smoke and its extensive consequences—not just for individual smokers but for the public at large, who endure the secondary effects of a smoke-filled environment.

Our expertise is recognised and celebrated, with our London Bridge store boasting over 300 five-star Google reviews and our Surrey Quays store surpassing 2,200. This is more than a number; it’s a testament to the trust and satisfaction our customers place in us. We’re proud to have sold over a million vape products, aiding thousands in their journey to quit smoking.

At Shisha Vibe, we are proud members of the UK Vaping Industry Association, a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and the wellbeing of our customers. Our commitment goes beyond selling products; we are deeply engaged in enhancing the lives of our community. With tailored blog posts, detailed guides, and meticulously reviewed vaping essentials, our aim is to guide you confidently on your journey away from smoking.


Get In Touch

Shisha Vibe is more than a retailer; we are a trusted partner for those in search of assistance and excellence as they transition from smoking to vaping. Should you need us, our customer service team is just a phone call or an email away, eager to offer tailored support with the thoughtful care you seek.

E: info@shishavibe.com
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Embrace the Vibe, and join us in our quest for a cigarette smoke-free world. It’s not just about vaping; it’s about breathing life into a new era of health and community.