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In case you’re wondering – yes, ‘mod’ here is short for ‘modification’, which should give you a sense of what vape mods are all about; enabling you to modify, or customise, your vaping experience.

Essentially, mods are vape devices that don’t already come with a vape tank, coils or batteries – perfect if you’re looking for something to pair with tanks and coils you already have.

Here at Shisha Vibe, we stock a wide range of mods, from smaller single-button mods for less experienced vapers, right through to large sub-ohm devices boasting greater wattage for creating big clouds.

One other thing worth noting; as we obtain all of these mods directly from the manufacturers themselves or their approved UK distributors, you can be certain that you’ll be getting the real thing, instead of a lesser-quality “clone” device that doesn’t provide the best possible experience.

Available for same-day delivery in London and free UK tracked shipping on orders over £19.99!

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