Enhance Your Vaping Experience with Nicotine Booster Shots

Nicotine booster shots, also known as shot boosters, are a popular choice for vapers looking to increase the nicotine content of their shortfill e-liquids. Our nicotine shots at Shishavibe use nicotine salt, which is smoother and faster-acting than traditional nicotine. Add a nicotine to your e-liquid to get a satisfying hit without compromising on flavor. Try our high-quality shots today!

Choose Your Perfect Nicotine Shot: Freebase or Nicotine Salt?

These nicotine shots are clear and flavourless liquids, and are available as either standard freebase nicotine shots or nicotine salt shots. The first of those, freebase, is the purest form of nicotine, and the standard one found in e-liquids in the UK. 

Nicotine salt, meanwhile, doesn’t actually contain any ‘salt’ or crystals – it is simply freebase nicotine combined with benzoic acid. This makes for a smoother and less harsh vaping experience than freebase, thereby enabling you to more easily vape higher nicotine strengths. 

Mixing Nicotine Shots: How to Get it Right

Nicotine shot are an increasingly popular option for vapers who want to customize their vaping experience. At Shishavibe, we offer a wide range of shots that are designed to be used with shortfill e-liquids. Our nicotine use nicotine salt, which is known for its smoothness and fast-acting effects.

The other thing you’ll need to be sure of, is how to get your mixing right. Adding a 10ml 18mg shot booster to a 50ml shortfill, for instance, will give you 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. For a more comprehensive guide to the possibilities, simply consult our shortfill mixing chart!

Please Note: Nicotine shots are sold only as add-ons to other vape products, not as standalone items. Orders of nicotine shots without accompanying vape products will be cancelled and refunded.

Even better now, you can have same day vape delivery in London, simply select our same day courier service before 3pm. Otherwise you can opt for a guaranteed next working day delivery in the UK if ordered before 4pm.