The Complete Vape Glossary: A-Z Dictionary of Vaping Terms

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The Complete Vape Glossary: A-Z Dictionary of Vaping Terms

A-Z Vape Glossary

Welcome to our comprehensive Vape Glossary, an essential resource for both novice and seasoned vapers alike. In the evolving world of vaping, understanding the specific terminology is crucial to navigating the vape world effectively. Our glossary is meticulously curated to demystify the diverse vocabulary used in the vaping community, encompassing everything from device components to vaping techniques. With a focus on clarity and accuracy, this guide aims to enrich your knowledge about vape terminology and meanings in vape, ensuring that you stay informed and confident in your vaping journey.

Please note: E-Cigarette and Vape (Device) is used interchangeably in this glossary.

Vape Term Definition
Adapter A device facilitating the connection of various parts to an e-cigarette, such as a specific battery type.
ADV (All Day Vape) A preferred e-liquid flavour for extended usage.
Airflow The volume of air inhaled per puff (see draw), influencing vapour output and taste strength.
Atomiser A key component in e-cigarettes that transforms e-liquid into vapour. Also known as a ‘coil’.
Automatic A vape that is automatically activated by inhaling on the device rather than a manual button.
Battery The power source for an e-cigarette, devices can have internal batteries, or require external batteries
Blend The proportion of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG) in e-liquids.
Box Mod A mod with a box battery shape, providing enhanced power and control.
Cartomiser A single unit combining a cartridge and atomiser (coil).
Charger A device used to replenish the battery power of e-cigarettes, available in various formats like USB, wall chargers, and car chargers.
Cig-a-like An e-cigarette designed to resemble traditional cigarettes.
Clearomiser A transparent cartridge and atomiser (coil) unit, showing the e-liquid level.
Cloud Chasing The hobby of producing large vapour clouds, sometimes competitively.
Coil The atomiser’s heating element that vaporises the e-liquid. Goes in conjunction with a vape tank.
Direct to Lung (DTL) Inhaling vapour straight into the lungs, bypassing the mouth.
Disposable Vape A one-time-use device, discarded after the e-liquid runs out. Often lasts 600 puffs in the UK.
DIY E-Liquid Self-made e-liquid, mixed personally by the user.
Draw / Drag The act of inhaling vapour from an e-cigarette, similar to inhaling smoke from a traditional cigarette.
Drip Tip The mouthpiece that is inhaled on a vape device.
Dry Burn The process of heating a coil with no e-liquid to clean it or to check for even heating and coil functionality.
Dry Hit A burnt-tasting draw resulting from a dry or poorly saturated wick in the coil.
E-Liquid The vapour-producing solution in e-cigarettes, containing various ingredients including nicotine.
eGo A popular style of vape pen known for its longer battery life and compatibility with various atomisers.
Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette) A device that mimics smoking by producing vapour from e-liquid. Often referred to as a vape.
Flavourings Ingredients added to e-liquids for taste.
Flooding Over-saturation of the coil with e-liquid, leading to performance issues.
High Resistance (HR) Coils with higher electrical resistance, suitable for MTL vaping.
Inhaling The act of drawing vapour into the lungs from the e-cigarette.
Joules A unit of power measurement in temperature-controlled mods, influencing heating levels.
Juice Another term for e-liquid or vape liquid used in electronic cigarettes.
Kanthal Wire A resistance wire type often used for crafting coils in vaping devices.
LED Light Emitting Diode often used in e-cigarettes to indicate battery life or activation during use.
Leaking Accidental e-liquid escape from a tank, possibly due to incorrect filling or seal issues.
Low Resistance (LR) Coils with lower electrical resistance, producing more vapour but using more power. Also known as Sub-Ohm coils.
Mechanical Mod A basic vaping device lacking electronic components, delivering direct battery power to the atomiser.
Mesh A type of coil material used in some atomisers, known for its large surface area and even heating.
Mouth to Lung (MTL) A vaping style reminiscent of traditional cigarette smoking, involving a tighter draw and initial mouth holding of vapour.
Nicotine A potent chemical from the tobacco plant, used in e-liquids for vaping. It’s addictive, affects the nervous system, and is available in various strengths.
Nicotine (Freebase) A form of nicotine used in e-liquids, known for providing a rougher throat hit compared to Nicotine Salt. Freebase Nicotine is also known as Regular Nicotine.
Nicotine Salt A smoother, more rapidly absorbed form of nicotine in e-liquids. Can refer to Salt Nicotine Booster Shots or 10ml Nic Salt E-Liquids.
Ohm The unit measuring the coil’s electrical resistance in vaping devices.
PG (Propylene Glycol) A primary e-liquid ingredient, enhancing flavour and providing a stronger throat hit.
Pod System A type of vape with either disposable or refillable pods and a rechargeable battery. Also known as Pod Kits.
Prefilled Pods Cartridges or pods pre-filled with e-liquid, usually disposable and designed for specific pod systems.
Rebuildables Atomisers that allow users to custom-build their own coils and wicks.
Resistance The measure of how much an atomiser’s coil opposes electrical current, affecting heat and vapour production.
Shortfill E-Liquids usually sold in 50ml or 100ml bottles, typically with 10ml space for adding nicotine shots. Users mix in nicotine as desired and shake the bottle to blend. Popular for its customisability in nicotine strength. Also known as Shake & Vape.
Sidefill Refers to pods or tanks filled with e-liquid from a side port.
Starter Kit A vape kit specifically designed for beginners including everything needed to begin vaping.
Steeping The process of ageing e-liquid to enhance its flavour, similar to ageing wine.
Sub-Ohm Using a coil with a resistance lower than one ohm for increased vapour production.
Tank The component that stores e-liquid in a vaping device.
TPD The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is an EU directive regulating tobacco and related products, including e-cigarettes and e-liquids. It sets standards for safety and quality, limits e-liquid bottle sizes to 10ml, caps nicotine strength at 20mg/ml, and imposes strict packaging and labelling requirements.
Throat Hit The sensation felt in the throat upon inhaling vapour, influenced by nicotine content and the PG/VG mix.
Topfill A design in tanks or pods where e-liquid is added from the top, often for convenience and to reduce leakage.
USB Passthrough A feature allowing e-cigarettes to be used while charging.
Vaper Someone who uses an e-cigarette.
Vaper’s Tongue A temporary condition where a vaper loses the ability to taste certain flavours, often due to repeated exposure to the same flavour or dehydration.
Vaping The act of using an e-cigarette.
VG (Vegetable Glycerine) A primary e-liquid ingredient known for creating denser vapour clouds.
VV (Variable Voltage) The ability to adjust a vape device’s voltage, affecting vapour production.
VW (Variable Wattage) An adjustable setting on some vaping devices that allows users to control the wattage and consequently the temperature and intensity of the vapour.
Wattage A power measurement in vape devices, impacting the rate of vaporisation and temperature.
Wick The part of the atomiser that absorbs e-liquid for vaporisation.
Zero-Nic E-liquids formulated without any nicotine.


Concluding Insights: The Vape Vocabulary

This glossary serves as a valuable tool in the ever-growing and dynamic world of vaping. By providing detailed explanations and definitions, it aims to bridge the gap between beginners and experienced enthusiasts, ensuring a deeper understanding of all aspects of vaping. Whether you’re exploring new products, delving into the intricacies of vaping devices, or simply seeking to expand your vocabulary, this guide is an indispensable companion in your vaping experience. Remember, the world of vaping is always evolving, and staying informed is key to enjoying and making the most of your vaping journey.

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